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Hide Or Die Review

Hide Or Die is an app developed by VecFour Digital. Hide Or Die was first published on . Hide Or Die is accessible for Steam, Other.


Hide or Die is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game set in a world corrupt with darkness. Players can take on the role of both survivors and hunters in a fast paced game of hide and seek. Survivors must gear up, locate abandoned extractors, re-activate them, and escape before the darkness fully consumes them. Survivors will need to work together, set traps, and remain quick on their toes if they don't want to meet their certain death.


Tense, Fast Paced ActionMobility is a huge point of focus in Hide or Die. Survivors are able to slide, super sprint, and jump over obstacles, which create more intense chases and ways of breaking line of sight with the Hunter. Maps were purpose built from the ground up with verticality, hiding, and mobility in mind. Survivors and Hunters can explore 3 unique maps at launch, with more maps being added over time.

Meaningful Progression
Collecting Darkness isn’t for nothing; using the Darkness you collect, players can upgrade their characters with perks which grant entirely new sets of abilities to their Hunters and Survivors. With over 100 gameplay altering perks, you'll find yourself putting together loadouts that drastically alter the way you avoid death and deal it.
Our County Card Season Pass and level based cosmetic crates - are all 100% free. Unlock new Hunters, cosmetic skins, a wide range of survivor clothing, and more through 100 tiers of our County Card. Or you can level up your characters to unlock cosmetic crates, which contain random assortments of unique cosmetic items for your characters.

Dedicated Servers
Hide or Die features worldwide dedicated servers allowing for buttery smooth gameplay and AAA quality network performance and responsiveness, enabled by Microsoft Azure.

Unparalleled Customization
With hundreds of character cosmetics to unlock and dozens of ways to shape the way your Survivor looks, creating your dream character couldn't be easier.
Numerous Hunters
With 4 hunters at release and 3 hunters in production for addition in 2020, each character offers a unique and different experience to suit anyone’s play style. From long ranged hunters to extra-dimensional terrors there is certainly a character for you.
Play with Friends
Hide or Die fully supports steam lobbies, allowing you and your friends to take on the Darkness together.

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Hide Or Die

3 / 5

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Author: VecFour Digital
Size: 20 GB available space

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