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Come on Baby! Review

Come on Baby! is an app designed by Expotato Corp.. Come on Baby! was first published on . Come on Baby! is accessible for Steam, Other.

"Come on Baby!" is a comical extreme sports grand festival party game like the Olympics, featuring super-baby heroes with Amazing power.
The game is a Big-Hit Arcade machine game in Korea, which was created by adapting two game machines, summer and winter, into the PC Steam version this time and It will be even more fun if your friends, family, and lovers do it together.


  • Amazing Super Baby Heroes's NEW Comic Sports Competition!
  • Summer&Winter Extreme super sports entries! (30+ original Stages)
  • Very unique and funny Skill sports Party games.
  • Real-time online World record ranking Available!


6-SuperBaby heroes with Incredible power representing each country.


- Play continuously for all stages in Summer or Winter.
- There is a limit to the number of times you can retry the game.
- On reaching the end the final total score will be registered in the World Ranking.
- 2 players can play.(Local-multi or Steam Remote-Play-Together Online multi)

2. CHALLENGE (Record Ranking Mode)
- Choose season and stage and try out for the best record.
- At the end of the game, the records will be registered in the World Ranking.
- 1 Player only.

- Choose a season and a stage to practice.
- Difficulties can be adjusted in OPTION MODE.
- The record is not registered.
- 2 Players can play.(Local-multi or Steam Remote-Play-Together Online multi)


- Default Keyboard Setting (Can be changed in TITLE OPTION > KEY CONFIG)

- [ENTER] or [SPACE] key = Select* If the joystick does not work, go to "Steam>Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings" and turn off all checks.


In the future of time, environmental pollution was so severe that bad ingredients were detected even in baby formula.

Global milk powder companies have worked together to develop new healthy milk powders that are completely harmless and nutritious and to change people's perceptions, they come up with extra-large events.
This event will be a sports competition for babies around the world to select the world's most powerful super baby and to appear as a CF model.
There are now competitions in Hawaii and the Alps, and six very strong super babies from all over the world compete to win.

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Come on Baby!

4 / 5

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Author: Expotato Corp.
Size: 900 MB available space

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