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The sOccket: A Green Way to Turn Play into Power

The sOccket: A Green Way to Turn Play into Power, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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A few years ago during a group engineering project at Harvard, the revolutionary sOccket was born. The brainy undergrads thought up the idea to have an everyday cross-cultural item harness natural energy to fuel necessities. Kids play soccer all over the world, why not put a magnet/coil system inside a soccer ball that can charge the kinetic energy from motion through play and store the electric charge for a power supply? The newer model, dubbed sOccket 2.0, uses a gyroscopic mechanism, rather than the linear coil system, for even better energy capture efficiency and therefore greater powering capacity. Water purifiers, small generators, multiple LED lights can all be fueled by the 2.0 version.

The design is so efficient that with only 15 minutes of play, the sOccket can fuel 3 hours of LED light. Not only is kerosene expensive and wood burning fires laborious, but also the indoor pollution can be tantamount to smoking 2 packs a day. The company behind sOccket, Uncharted Play, intends to bring the first fair trade factory into Nigeria for the manufacturing side of the business. Hopeful expansions into basketballs and other projects that help developing nations are in the works as well. Future innovations from sOccket are promising, and Uncharted Play seems to be doing a pretty good job with running innovations in green technology.

sOccket has a buy-one-donate-one program to help with distributing these green-power-balls in developing nations like Haiti, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Mexico and others. So, every time you purchase a ball, another one gets sent to a kid in one of these countries for free.


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