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Swype® for Ice Cream Sandwich Has Arrived

Swype® for Ice Cream Sandwich Has Arrived, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Swype for Ice Cream Sandwich devices is finally available. Nuance, the maker of Swype, has been working on a version of the text messaging app that would be compatible with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS for quite some time. Now, Nuance has finally released a version of Swype that will allow Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners to significantly cut down the time it takes to compose a text message. ICS users who opt to participate in the Swype beta program can start using Swype today. Additionally, other Android users can enjoy an updated version of Swype with some extra features. If you already have Swype up and running on your phone, you’ll receive the built-in Swype update before this week ends.

The most notable addition to the Swype latest version is Dragon Go!, which is an app that allows you to conduct quick internet searches using your voice. Dragon Go! is compatible with sites like Yelp and Fandango, and it allows you to find what you’re looking for on these sites faster, since you can just speak your search queries.

According to Nuance, there may be a few bugs in this new version of Swype. It’s still in the beta phase. If you’re an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich user, Nuance recommends that you turn off your device’s built-in spell checker. Swype comes with its own spell-checker, which works best when other spell-checkers are disabled.

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