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Sony® PRS-T1 Price Reduction to $99 for Valentine’s Day

Sony® PRS-T1 Price Reduction to $99 for Valentine’s Day, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Sony PRS-T1 Sale at CompUSA

For a limited time, the Sony PRS-T1 ereader will be on sale for $99. This is a special Valentine’s Day sale that will only last a couple of weeks. If you want to buy your sweetheart a basic ereader for Valentine’s Day, this is the sale for you. At $99, the Sony Reader PRS-T1 will cost the same as Kindle Touch with ads. What’s better about the PRS-T1 is that it’s 100% ad free. Since many Kindle Touch owners find the ads on their $99 ereader bothersome, this is a significant advantage.

The approximately 7-inch PRS-T1 comes with a sturdy plastic body with rubber backing and a notably responsive capacitive screen. This Sony Reader PRS-TL battery can last for 14,000 continuous page turns. Other Sony PRS-T1 features include WiFi connectivity as well as 1.3 GB of internal memory. If you want more memory, there’s a Micro SD slot on the PRS-T1 that allows you to use Micro SD cards of up to 32 GB. This e-reader is compatible with all Mac and Windows computers, and you can use it to buy books from Sony’s ebookstore, which has a collection of thousands of ebooks. You can order this ereader in black, white, and red, and you can set the background image of the device to anything you like from your computer.

If you order the Sony PRS-T1 from CompUSA in the next couple of weeks, you’ll not only be getting a great deal in terms of cost. You’ll also get a complimentary $25 to the Sony ebookstore. Plus, shipping will be free. This may just be the Valentine’s Day tech deal of the year.

Order: Click here for the Sony PRS-T1 discount at CompUSA


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2 Responses to Sony® PRS-T1 Price Reduction to $99 for Valentine’s Day

jeannine s February 12, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I have one of these and love it. My only compliant though is it is slow when using Wi-Fi in the reader store

Petritia s February 12, 2012 at 2:09 pm

wow love the complimentary $25 to the estore

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