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Samsung® MicroSD and SD Cards Ship Today

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Today, Samsung announced that they have started shipping their microSD and SD memory cards. This is Samsung’s first venture into the realm of memory cards, and it seems as though they’ve already outdone the competition, in true Samsung fashion. As of today, you’ll be able to purchase fourteen different Samsung microSD cards and SD cards. Each of these memory cards belongs to either the “High Speed” series or the “Plus Extreme Speed” series.

The Plus Extreme series microSD and SD cards offer 24MB/s read speed and 21MB/s write speed, which means they’re some of the speediest memory cards on the market. The High Speed series memory cards are nothing to scoff at in terms of speed, either. All of the High Speed cards with 8GB or more of storage space boast 24MB/s read speed and 13MB/s write speed.

The High Speed series includes ten different SD and microSD cards that range from 2GB to 32GB. The Plus Extreme Speed series, on the other hand, only includes two microSD cards and two SD cards that come in either the 8GB or 16GB variety. We can anticipate that Samsung will soon release more Plus Extreme Speed cards to provide consumers with additional high-speed memory card options.

All of Samsung’s new SD and microSD memory cards are built to withstand the elements. They’re waterproof and shockproof. Plus, they’re safe around magnets. According to Samsung, you could submerge one of their new memory cards in water for up to 24 hours before any damage was done. It seems as though the only thing Samsung forgot to make their memory cards resistant to is getting lost.

Learn more about the 32GB Samsung High Speed MicroSD card from Amazon.


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