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PowerShot® SX260 HS review

PowerShot® SX260 HS review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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PowerShot SX260 HS

The PowerShot SX260 HS is a high-end superzoom compact that’s packed with all kinds of features. The SX line is well known for its zoom lineup and the SX260 carries on that tradition well. We’ll look at some of the advanced options you get with this camera, along with a few of the trade-offs you’ll have to live with.

PowerShot SX260 HS advantages

The camera comes with many high-end options so we’ll look at a few here.

  • Zoom: As you can imagine, the zoom lens on the SX260 is quite good. You’ll get a 20x zoom, which is enough to reach out to almost any subject. The photos are also high-quality when zoomed all the way in, which can be an issue for some other models.
  • GPS: One of the differentiating features of the SX260 is its GPS feature. It allows you to tag the location of all your photos. Never again will you need to wrack your brain to think about where you took a photo, because you’ll just be able to look at the data on the photo.
  • Speed: Shooting fast isn’t an issue with the SX260. You can shoot an impressive 10.3 frames per second, which is fast enough for almost any situation you can imagine. If sports or nature photography is your thing, then you will love this feature.

PowerShot SX260 HS disadvantages

The SX260 has some downsides that you’ll want to consider as well.

  • Battery: The camera has many great features, but some of them eat up the battery life of the camera. It’s capable of shooting 230 shots per charge, which isn’t great. It’s not terrible, but there are cameras that can shoot more per charge.
  • Low-light shooting: The image quality from the SX260 is generally high, but there are some areas where it is lacking. In particular, you’ll encounter noise when you crank up the ISO to be able to shoot in darker situations. The difference in quality isn’t extreme, but you’ll notice it in high resolution versions of your photos. It might be an issue if you shoot at night the majority of the time.

The SX260 is the latest in Canon’s line of superzoom compact cameras, and it comes with all the latest features you could want. If you’re looking to get a point and shoot with these features then the SX260 is a good buy. The PowerShot SX260 HS comes with zoom, GPS, and speed to fit all your photography needs.


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