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Olympus® SP-800 UZ Camera Review

Olympus® SP-800 UZ Camera Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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We’ve reviewed some cameras with decent optical zoom capabilities like the Kodak EasyShare Z5010, but we haven’t explored too many cameras with incredible optical zoom capabilities like the Olympus SP-800 UZ. The Olympus SP-800 UZ is considered a super zoom camera thanks to its 30x optical zoom. In addition to its optical zoom prowess, the Olympus SP-800 UZ has a lot to offer. And, like many cameras, it has a few shortcomings. Here’s the inside scoop on this popular camera:

Olympus SP-800 UZ Strengths

  • With 30x optical zoom, this camera can take close-up shots of subjects that are hundreds of feet away.
  • The SP-800 UZ has a speedy continuous shooting speed of 10 frames per second. So, this camera won’t slow you down when you’re taking a bunch of shots in a row.
  • This camera has a relatively wide aperture lens. So, its lens is able to take in more light, reducing blur in low-light situations.
  • Excellent macro abilities allow Olympus SP-800 UZ users to take clear, detailed shots of subjects that are just a centimeter away from the camera’s lens.
  • This camera’s large 3-inch LCD screen makes it easier to view pictures with more accuracy and access the camera’s popular functions without having to squint.
  • SP-800 UZ users have access to the camera’s Boost ISO feature, which allows them to take pictures in extremely dark conditions.

Olympus SP-800 UZ Strengths

  • This camera can only record video in 720p. Cameras that can record video in 1080p Full HD are more desirable.
  • With no built-in image stabilization, the Olympus SP-800 UZ won’t automatically prevent blur if you have shaky hands.
  • The SP-800 UZ does not come with a viewfinder. So, you have to view images and videos you’re taking solely on its screen.
  • Its screen has a resolution of 230k dots, which is low. The lower a screen’s resolution, the more difficult it is to tell how clear your images and videos actually are.
  • Compared to other point and shoot, super zoom cameras, the SP-800 UZ is a bit hefty. It’s large and weighs 455 g. So, your hands may become tired after holding it for a while.
  • With no external microphone jack, you can’t upgrade the audio quality of the videos you record on this camera. External microphone jacks are common in super zoom cameras in the SP-800 UZ’s price range.

Overall, if zoom matters to you and extras like external microphone jacks don’t, you should consider giving the Olympus SP-800 UZ a shot.


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