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Nikon® S9300 review

Nikon® S9300 review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Nikon S9300

The Nikon S9300 is a high-end point and shoot that will satisfy even the most discerning photographer. It comes with all kinds of features for the size, and it won’t set you back a hunk of money. The camera is versatile enough to work for everyone from along the photography skills spectrum. Continue reading to find out about all the features that might influence your decision to purchase the S9300.

Nikon S9300 advantages

The S9300 has many desirable features, and here we’ll focus on three.

  • Megapixels: The S9300 has 16 megapixels, which is four more than the model it’s replacing, the S9100. There are cameras that have more megapixels, but 16 is more than enough for 99 percent of the things you’ll need to do. The image quality is good with the S9300 as well.
  • GPS: The S9300 has a built in GPS, which might seem odd. The GPS isn’t for getting around or anything like that. It’s so you can track where your photos were taken. This might not seem like a big deal until you go on a trip to an unfamiliar place and you can’t figure out where the photos were taken. The GPS feature will allow you to track where you snapped all of your photos.
  • HD video: You also get full HD video with the S9300, which is nice for all the photographers who are budding videographers as well. Full 1080p video isn’t extremely rare any more, but there are definitely models in this range that don’t have this feature. If you need to shoot high definition video for whatever reason then the S9300 would be a good option for you.

Nikon S9300 disadvantages

There are some lackluster aspects of the S9300 as well.

  • Photo quality: When compared to other cameras in the same sector, the photo quality from the S9300 isn’t quite up to snuff. The images aren’t necessarily bad, but when you compare them there are some obvious differences and generally they’re negative. If absolute image quality is very important to you then you might want to consider a different option.
  • Zoom: The S9300 only has an 18x zoom, which isn’t great when compared to similar models from other companies. In fact, the general standard for this sector usually starts at around 20x and goes from there. The 18x zoom will work in many situations, but if you need more zoom power then other options might work better.

The Nikon S9300 is a solid camera, but there are other similar cameras to choose from as well. You can check out our comparison of the S9300 vs the Canon Powershot S100 for an example of what we mean. The Nikon S9300 is a solid option for the photographer looking for a good high-end point and shoot.


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