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Nikon® S100 review

Nikon® S100 review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Nikon S100

The Nikon S100 is a slim, ultra-compact model that has a lot of style and features for your money. The camera is a great option for people who want a portable model that doesn’t skimp on any important features. We’ll look at some of the best and worst parts of the camera in this post.

Nikon S100 advantages

Here are some of the best parts of this point and shoot.

  • Size and style: The S100 is a very slim camera that is smaller than any of the other models in Nikon’s Style series. The camera is 2.6 inches high and 3.9 inches wide, but the most impressive dimension is the width, which is only 0.8 inches. The front of the camera slides over and acts as a cover for the lens, which is also a nice feature.
  • Video: You will be able to shoot 1080p video with the S100 as well. This will come in handy when you’re planning on capturing more than just images with the camera.
  • Touchscreen: The camera comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. On a normal camera you would have to push all kinds of buttons to go through the menus, but not with this model. You’ll be able to go through the menus and even choose the autofocus point with the touchscreen.

Nikon S100 disadvantages

Now we’ll look at some of the worst parts of the camera.

  • Battery: Think about how many pictures you take in a typical situation. If your number is more than 150 then the S100 will likely not be adequate, as that’s how many shots you’ll get out of a full charge. You could always buy a second battery, but who wants to do that?
  • Low-light performance: At higher ISO settings (remember, this is how sensitive to light the sensor is) the images from this camera have some noise issues. You’ll see them the most at full resolution and not so much when the images are smaller. It might not be an issue of most of your pictures will be seen in a relatively small resolution on a screen or elsewhere.

The photographer who is looking for a portable camera that has good features will be happy with the S100. You can get the Nikon S100 for a good price too, so that might help your decision. We’ve also compared other point and shoot models if you’re still looking. If you end up going with the Nikon S100 then you can look forward to the portability, along with the video and touchscreen features that come with the camera.


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