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Nikon® D700 review

Nikon® D700 review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Nikon D700

The Nikon D700 was recently replaced by the Nikon D800, which means you can get the D700 for a great deal right now. The price of this model has already dropped some and will likely continue as time goes on. This review will give you some of the advantages and disadvantages that come along with buying the D700 today.

Nikon D700 Advantages

First, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons this camera is still a good choice:

  • Tried and true: The D700 has been around since 2008 and thousands of photographers have used it successfully since then. You know you’ll be getting a high-quality camera that many people love with this model.
  • Price: As we mentioned before, the price of the D700 has been dropping ever since the D800 came out, and that trend is likely to continue. If you’re looking for a great camera on a budget then this might be the right choice for you.
  • Full-frame sensor: The D700 has a full-frame sensor, which is more than some of its competitors can say. The professional grade of the D700 sensor was a big draw when it first came out and that is still the case today.
  • Fast shooting: The D700 is capable of shooting at between 5 and 8 frames per second, depending on your set-up. Compare that to the D800, which can only shoot 4 to 6 frames per second depending on the set-up. If you’re looking to shoot faster then the D700 is for you.

As you can see, the D700 is no slouch even though it’s been around for a while. Read on to find out some of the disadvantages of buying the D700.

Nikon D700 Disadvantages

The news isn’t all great about the D700, unfortunately.

  • Low megapixels: Sensor technology has come a long way in the years since the D700 was released, and that’s evident in the difference in megapixels between it and today’s cameras. The D700 sensor has 12.1 megapixels, and the current model clocks in at a whopping 36.3. That’s a huge difference and might be a deal-breaker for some photographers.
  • No video: Most DSLR’s today have video capabilities, but that’s not the case with the D700. If you just want to take photos then the D700 will work fine, but if video is a necessity then this isn’t the camera for you.
  • Single card slot: Many of Nikon’s cameras have dual card slots, which is nice for photographers who are looking to back up their images on the fly. The D700 only has one slot for Compact Flash cards, which means you can’t have another card for backup while shooting.

The Nikon D700 was a great camera when it came out and that’s still true today. That said, some photographers might be turned off with the somewhat dated specifications list that come with the older model and lower price. If you’re looking for a solid, cheaper professional-grade camera then the Nikon D700 is for you.


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