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Microsoft® Office for iPad Brought to You by CloudOn

Microsoft® Office for iPad Brought to You by CloudOn, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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If you use your iPad for work, you’ve probably noticed something very important is missing: Microsoft Office for iPad. Until recently, there was no way for you to make a quick change to a Word document and send it off to your colleague from you iPad. And you couldn’t use your iPad to update numbers on Excel or correct typos in a PowerPoint before a business presentation. Now, fortunately, CloudOn, a cloud-based document editing service, is available for iPad owners. ClouldOn allows you to edit and view Microsoft Office documents and save them to the cloud. ClouldOn has been available for free download from the U.S. App Store since January. Today, it launches on the UK App Store.

CloudOn is integrated with your Dropbox account. You can access any Microsoft Office file that is saved in your Dropbox. When you edit and save a file, the changes are saved on Dropbox, and the updated files can be viewed on any other device that’s synced up with your Dropbox account. Since Microsoft doesn’t offer support for Office on iPad yet, CloudOn is a lifesaver if you need to access your Microsoft Office files on-the-go.

This innovative app doesn’t change the appearance of Office files in any way. The toolbars, settings, and functions are all the same. Even spell check works the same way. If you receive an Office file as an attachment via email, the file will be transferred to your Dropbox when you download it, and you’ll be able to access the file on CloudOn immediately.

Some sources speculate that Microsoft has plans to launch a version of Office for the iPad sometime in the near future. Microsoft has not confirmed any of the rumors about MS Office for iPad. So, until further notice, CloudOn is the best option when it comes to accessing Microsoft Office on iPad.

UK Release Date: February 17, 2012

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