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Kobo Vox Makes Its U.S. Debut at Best Buy

Kobo Vox Makes Its U.S. Debut at Best Buy, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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The $199 Kobo Vox has been on store shelves in Canada since November. Starting today, the Kobo Vox tablet will be available to U.S. consumers at Best Buy. The Vox is in the same class as the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Color. It is the affordable, entry-level tablet version of Kobo’s Touch eReader. Like the Kindle Fire and Nook Color, the Vox is a seven-inch tablet that functions superbly as an eReader while functioning adequately as a tablet. The Kobo Vox is certainly no iPad in terms of specs, but it can still hold its own in the entry-level tablet sphere.

The Kobo Vox reader tablet runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, and the tablet has access to over 15,000 free apps and all the available paid Android apps. The Vox’s 800 Mhz processor means the device doesn’t run quite as fast as the Kindle Fire or Nook Color. And the Vox’s 8 GB of internal memory and 7 hours of battery life are pretty underwhelming. However, the Kobo Vox does come with unlimited Kobo ebook cloud storage. So, it’s pretty much the perfect device for storing all the ebooks you could ever possibly want.

Vox owners can choose from over one million free eBooks on the Kobo ebookstore, and they just have to pay an average of $9.99 for all the books that aren’t free on the ebookstore. The Kobo online bookstore has the largest collection of ebooks in the world. Kobo’s large selection of free ebooks is probably what’s most attractive about the Vox tablet when it’s stacked up against the Kindle Fire and Nook Color. In short, the Vox doesn’t necessarily impress as a tablet, but it practically blows the competition out of the water as a color eReader.

Not sold on the Kobo Vox? Check out the Kindle Fire on Amazon.


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Deborah February 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm

I purchased the Kobo Vox this past Christmas for my son..he loves it so much that I may get one for mysefl.

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