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Kindle® Covers and Cases – Deals on Kindle Fire Covers

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The Kindle 3 and the Kindle Fire from Amazon continue to be popular sellers with consumers. For those with a green bent, the Kindle 3 is one of the best inventions of the last decade. It allows users to read to their heart’s content without having to saw down a few acres worth of trees to print out physical copies of books. For any model of Kindle, you’ll want a resilient Kindle cover or case to protect your investment. Here are five of the best examples currently available.

rooCASE Dual-View Multi Angle Leather Folio Case Cover

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Kindle covers and cases come in all shapes and sizes, but leather Kindle covers in particular are some of the most popular options available. The rooCASE Leather Folio sports a genuine leather exterior, as well as a Micro Suede interior to protect delicate touch screens. It also boasts a removable inner sleeve for stowing documents. Originally priced at $49.95, it’s currently selling at a $20 discount and can be had for a mere $29.95. As far as Amazon Kindle covers are concerned, the rooCASE is one of the best.

Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Fire

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While the Verso Prologue is designed for the Kindle Fire, it’s also a perfect Kindle 3 cover. It comes with elastic interior straps to hold tablets in place, as well as a microfiber interior to keep your Kindle hardware from getting damaged and scuffed. At $39.99, it’s not the cheapest cover on the market. However, it’s one of the most high-quality models you can get. As far as Kindle Fire and Kindle 3 covers go, Verso is a name you can trust.

Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover

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As one of the official covers for the Kindle Fire, the MicroShell Folio Cover is custom-designed to fit your hardware like a glove. It’s a lightweight cover consisting of polycarbonate sandwiched between an inner felt layer and an outer rubber exterior. In everyday usage, the MicroShell Folio can be reconfigured to form a convenient stand for your E-reader. Better yet, it’s selling at a major discount to its original price of $39.99. Now available for just $29.99, it’s one of the most versatile Kindle covers you can find.

Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire

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One of the most gorgeous Kindle Fire covers on the market, the Verso Artist Series Cover is both beautiful and functional at the same time. The exterior artwork is designed by Sharyn Sowell, while the interior features a microfiber-lined pocket for papers and documents. It also comes with elastic straps to keep your tablet firmly in place while you read. It’ll run $39.99 from Amazon without a discount, although you can always count on free shipping for the most part.

Kindle Fire Leather Cover

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Most Kindle covers with light fixtures installed by default are fairly weak in the lighting department. It makes more sense to clip an add-on reading light to your case, and the Kindle Fire Leather Cover is the perfect case for such a scenario. Made from genuine leather, it can be folded into a stand for multiple viewing angles. Retailing for just $44.99, it’s a steal when you consider the quality of the materials used. It’s also one of the best Kindle Fire cover models you can buy.

Closing Thoughts

To keep that lean, green Kindle 3 or Kindle Fire safe, sound, and beautiful, a Kindle cover is a must. The aforementioned leather and synthetic models will more than do the trick, ensuring that your Kindle continues to deliver excellent performance and value. While your choice of case comes down to personal preference, any of the above units will make a terrific complement to your Amazon E-reader. Ultimately, you’ll find that leather Kindle covers and cases will be a prudent investment that pays dividends over time.


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5 Responses to Kindle® Covers and Cases – Deals on Kindle Fire Covers

shannon z. February 4, 2012 at 9:10 am

the rooCASE looks well made as well as very well thought out. i like the fact that you can rotate the kindle to get the best viewing experience.

Sewing Sweeper February 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Would be awesome…if I owned a kindle :/

Sarah Stine February 15, 2012 at 7:06 pm

I'll pass this information along to someone looking for a kindle cover.

Brett Harmon February 16, 2012 at 1:29 am

Thanks from the gGadget staff! It makes our day a little brighter to know we're helping people find the right accessories for their favorite gadgets.

Gary C McDaniel February 16, 2012 at 7:37 am

The rooCASE Dual-View Multi Angle Leather Folio Case Cover sounds awesome. I would consider getting one, if I ever get a Kindle.

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