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Coolpix® S8200 review

Coolpix® S8200 review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Coolpix S8200 Review

This Nikon Coolpix S8200 Review is about a model in the high end of the company’s “Style” series. The camera packs a lot of features into its small frame. The camera was released in mid-2011 and photographers have been using it to get great shots and video ever since. In this post we’re going to look into some of the good and some of the bad of the S8200. Read on to find out more.

Reviewing Coolpix S8200’s advantages

The S8200 is full of features that the amateur and professional photographer alike will enjoy.

  • Zoom: The S8200 comes with a 14x zoom, which is great for when you need to get close to your subject. Of course, ideally you would be the right distance away from your subject every time. That usually isn’t the case, however, so the zoom is nice to have.
  • Video: You’ll be able to shoot full high-definition video with the S8200. The camera shoots full 1080p video, which is great for photographers who want to have the option for video as well. Unlike some compact cameras, you’ll be able to use the video from the S8200 on any screen you’d like.
  • Macro shooting: Macro shooting, as you might know, refers to getting close up and personal with whatever you’re capturing. The S8200 can shoot subjects that are as close as 1 centimeter away. That’s much better than some point and shoots that can’t focus unless the subject is farther away. If you’re going to be shooting small items or up close regularly then you’ll love this feature.

Reviewing Coolpix S8200’s Disadvantages

You should be aware of some shortcomings before you decide on the S8200.

  • Lack of control: Many of the cameras in the price range of the S8200 have advanced manual controls, but that’s not the case with this model. The idea is that with this many features, there will probably be some advanced photographers who want more control over the settings on the camera (like aperture, shutter speed, etc). You can change the settings, but not without going through a bunch of menus and taking a lot of time. If you’re only interested in shooting on auto mode then this won’t affect you, but if you want more control you might want to look somewhere else like the Nikon S9300.
  • Low light performance: The S8200 has some noise issues when you’re using the camera at a relatively high ISO setting. If you’re taking photos in dark situations and you need to print them out or display them on a large screen then they might look a little blurry. If not, you shouldn’t notice the issues at smaller sizes.

You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with the Coolpix S8200. The zoom, video, and macro features will make for a great shooting experience if you don’t mind some issues with fine control and noise control in low-light shooting conditions. This Coolpix S8200 review is to help you understand that this camera is a good choice for photographers looking for a point and shoot with a lot of high-end features and specifications.


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