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Carbon Dioxide Emissions and How Bad Are Bananas?

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eBook Reviews have been circulating about Mike Berners-Lee’s ebook, How Bad Are Bananas? This groundbreaking ebook helps readers figure out the carbon footprint of practically all the products and foods they consume. If you’ve ever wondered how many carbon dioxide emissions result from the production of that piece of cheese you’re eating or that bike you’re riding, this is the book for you.

UK writer, Mike Berners-Lee, reveals the carbon emissions of practically everything we use, consume, and do. Some of the highlights of the book include details about the carbon dioxide emissions associated with sending an email, starting a war, having a child, and even buying nylon pants.

How Bad Are Bananas? is written in a relaxed, conversational style. It’s an easy and informative read. There are plenty of graphs and statistics to help readers easily grasp the more difficult concepts in the ebook. Although the tone of How Bad Are Bananas? is light, this ebook provides some serious insight into how to reduce your carbon footprint. Berners-Lee provides straightforward and fascinating facts about carbon emissions and ways of reducing a carbon footprint. However, he doesn’t lecture readers or tell them to change anything about their current behavior patterns. He simply provides interesting and relevant details, and readers have the choice to do with them what they will.

Readers can take quite a few things away from reading this ebook. They can figure out approximately what is the average carbon footprint of their daily lives, based on their consumption habits. And they can choose to change their habits and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For instance, readers may be prompted to only buy locally grown fruit and vegetables when they’re in season. Or they may decide to stop purchasing paper towels and traveling on airplanes so much. If you’re interested in finding out more about the carbon footprint of practically everything, How Bad Are Bananas? is one entertaining ebook you should most definitely read.

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Global Warming,, bleh

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