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Canon® SX150 IS review

Canon® SX150 IS review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Canon SX150 IS

The Canon SX150 IS is a relatively large compact camera that comes with some nice features at a very good price. Canon released the camera in mid-2011 and it has been popular since then. The camera has several desirable features, but there are also some aspects that aren’t for everyone. In this post we’ll go through the camera’s features and pick out some we like and don’t like.

Canon SX150 IS advantages

The SX150 has many features that we like.

  • Zoom: The SX150 has 12x zoom, which is enough for almost all situations you’ll be shooting. A lot of zoom doesn’t mean much if you can’t get a good image, however, so the camera also has a stabilization system to compensate. This means you’ll be able to zoom in and still get clear photos.
  • Price: The SX150 is at a great price right now, which is a big plus. If you’re on a budget then this camera would definitely be a good choice.
  • Good control: This camera, unlike some compacts, strikes a good balance between manual and automatic shooting modes. You can use the Canon SX150 as a true point and shoot, or you can have more precise control in manual mode. Photographers at all levels will appreciate the control the camera offers.

Canon SX150 IS disadvantages

The SX150 also has some features we don’t like much.

  • Batteries: If you’ve ever had a camera that takes disposable AA batteries, you know how much of a pain it can be. It can get expensive to replace the batteries, and they usually aren’t the best in the longevity department. Unfortunately, the Canon SX150 takes AA batteries as well so you’ll have the same issues. If you have rechargeable AA batteries then you won’t have as many issues.
  • Size: This aspect of the camera could go either way, but we tend to think it’s a disadvantage. The SX150 is much larger than other compact cameras in this class. It comes in with a width, height and depth of 4.46 x 2.88 x 1.80 inches. If you like bigger cameras then this won’t be an issue, but those interested in more portability will want to look elsewhere. You can look at some options in our other point and shoot reviews.

The SX150 is a good camera for many photographer’s needs. You should consider buying the Canon SX150 IS if you want a relatively cheap camera that has good zoom and control for the money.


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