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Canon® 60D review

Canon® 60D review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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The Canon 60D is the latest DSLR model in Canon’s midrange line geared toward photography enthusiasts who aren’t quite on the ready for a high-end, professional camera set-up. The 60D was released mid-2010 and replaced the 50D. The 60D is very affordable for its relatively advanced feature set. Canon’s current suggested price is just under $1,000 but you can often find the camera body for around $800.

There has been some debate about whether the 60D belongs in a “prosumer” category or if it is really more suited for photography hobbyists who might not be as savvy. The advocates of the former say the camera has a wide set of features, while the latter point to the fact that this line of cameras has lost some fine-tuning features over time. For example, the 60D has fewer controls on the exterior of the camera.

Regardless of its classification, the 60D is a whole lot of camera. It has many upgrades over the 50D, including more megapixels, video capabilities, and an articulating screen among others. The 60D might not be the right camera for a photography pro but it’s more than enough to give the the weekend shooter all the tools to make great images and videos.

The 60D has been out for a relatively long time without a new model, at least when it comes to this particular line of cameras. The long delay between a refresh could be because of multiple factors. Some people think the introduction of the Canon 7D is to blame. Regardless of the reason for the delay, it’s likely that a new model will be out sooner rather than later, which means this camera is only going to go down in price.

The 60D is the perfect camera for you if you’re looking to get into some more serious photography and haven’t taken the jump yet. We’re going to look at several features of the camera in the next few pages of this post, and we’ll finish up by going over some of the disadvantages this camera has. Read on tot he next page to find out more about the camera’s screen and video capabilities.

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