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Canon® 1100D Review

Canon® 1100D Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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If you’re interested in getting a DLSR but not interested in the high price-tags of many DLSR options, you may be looking into the Canon 1100D. The Canon 1100D is a relatively affordable camera with specs that aren’t too shabby. Like many entry-level DLSRs, however, it does lack some of the more technologically advanced features of more expensive cameras. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will disappoint you, though. If all you need is a basic DLSR that takes above average pictures, the 1100D may be a good match. Here are some of this popular camera’s perks and quirks:

Canon 1100D Pros

  • This camera has a pretty long battery life. In fact, you can take around 800 shots on it before needing to recharge its battery.
  • There are 162 lenses that work with the 1100D. So, you can easily customize your experience on the 1100D with a variety of lens options.
  • With a price-tag of under $500, this camera is reasonable if you’re camera shopping on a budget.
  • The 1100D has a 6,400 ISO maximum light sensitivity, which means it takes in more light and helps you avoid blur in low-light settings.
  • At just 459 g, this camera is incredibly lightweight. So, it won’t weigh you down as you take pictures and record videos.
  • This DLSR has a DIGIC 4 image processor, which is highly capable of producing images that are attractive, colorful, and high quality.
  • This camera is easy to use. Its functions are simple to use, and its buttons are intuitively placed. The 1100D is ideal for beginning photographers.

Canon 1100D Pros

  • This camera can only record video in 720p. Since many DLSRs can record HD videos in 1080p, the 1100D doesn’t quite measure up to industry standards.
  • The Canon 1100D lacks image stabilization. So, pictures come out blurry if the camera isn’t steady.
  • A max shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second means the 1100D doesn’t capture moving subjects very well.
  • A continuous shooting speed of 3 fps will slow down photographers who wish to take a lot of pictures in a short period of time.
  • This Canon camera only has a dynamic range of 11 EV. So, it doesn’t capture shadows and lighting details incredibly well.
  • Canon 1100D users will have to settle for 95% viewfinder coverage and miss out on being able to view the complete scope of pictures as they take them.

As you can probably tell, the 1100D isn’t the ideal DLSR for professional photographers. If your needs are less demanding, and you just want to take some good photos on a quality, entry-level DLSR, the Canon 1100D is definitely worth considering.


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