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Bamboo Stylus for iPad by Wacom: Best Stylus for iPad?

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Ever wanted to draw or take notes on your iPad? You’re in luck. The Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad allows you to turn your tablet into a virtual notebook. With this ingenious iPad stylus, you can take handwritten notes during a meeting or your professor’s lecture. You can also use the Bamboo stylus to draw pictures on your tablet, as easily as you could with a pen and paper. This is the perfect stylus pen for a budding or professional artist. And it’s the ideal iPad stylus pen for students and employees who want to be able to use their iPads for some serious note-taking.

The Bamboo tablet stylus works with apps like NoteTaker HD and AutoDesk’s SketchBook Express. It comes with a rubber tip that’s gentle on your iPad screen. When you order the Bamboo stylus, you’ll get replaceable rubber tips for when your original rubber tip gets worn down. If you you use your Wacom Bamboo Stylus fairly often, you can expect to need to change its rubber tip out every five or six months. What really makes this stylus stand out is how natural it feels in your hand. Most Bamboo Stylus users agree that it feels like a real pen, and writing with it on their iPads feels a lot like writing on actual paper does. Since the Bamboo Stylus rubber tip is around 25% smaller than other stylus tips, it’s the best stylus to write and draw neatly with.

If you’re someone who’s tired of wasting paper to draw and take notes, the Bamboo tablet stylus is a good match for you. It can help you significantly cut down your paper consumption. So, consider helping out the environment and going paperless with the Bamboo touch screen stylus!

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Claudia Davis February 6, 2012 at 8:23 pm

This is a great idea because I hate typing on my ipad. I always make mistakes and have to backspace. This would make it so much easier.

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